The New BMW M2 – A real sports car or is it just filling a gap?

The New BMW M2 was displayed in the US at the Detroit Auto Show. BMW had unveiled the M2 late last year and fills a gap in a series of the BMW line up. The M1 sport series was very successful and followed the M3 lineage. The M4 as many of you know is the new branding of the coupe version of the M3. In order to fit the line up with another option of which consumers may want to, well, consume; BMW has fit the M2 into the mix. It has 365hp and 343lb ft putting it in a more powerful position than the Audi S3 at 292hp. It’s not cheap either, starting at just above $50k. It has good numbers, but nothing that can’t be reached with a used mid level sports car. For BMW enthusiasts, this car is great. Seems to be wonderful on paper and on the track, however, it seems like BMW is just filling a gap in the market. I don’t blame them since selling cars is what they do. I suppose my beef is that the car doesn’t seem to have a soul yet. Maybe with time it’ll grow on me.


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